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Friday, November 30, 2007

138. Hola! Mexicano!

Pardon my Mexican, but I'm so excited about this post.
Rarely do guys order from me and when they do, it's mostly as a surprise for their girlfriends - or on occasions, a lady they'd like to impress. *Smile*

These pretty cupcakes were such a joy to make, though time consuming. They're a mixture of Vanilla and Chocolate minis, filled with 70% dark Belgium chocolate fudge, topped with pretty Mexican themed marzipan toppers!

I've got gourd-rattlers, Mexican dresses, sombreros, cactus and a coupla Mariachis to get a whole "feel" of all things Mexican!

Happy Birthday Deborah! A.S had such a sweet story behind his selection of theme. Enjoy the cupcakes!

Friday, November 16, 2007

136. Aeroplane cupcakes

Aeroplane themed cupcakes for the high-flyer! Eat & fly!

C got these for her bf - absolute chocolate goodness! Chocolate cupcakes with Chocoalte fudge filling, topped with chocolate ganache, lemon cream cheese "clouds" and marzipan airplanes.

P/s: I textured the marzipan using my newly arrived rolling pins! Will show more works of them soon. Ask for them if you're interested in having your cupcakes decorated with textured marzipan - I've got 6 different designs for now.

135. Badminton themed cake

85 is an amazing age to be, especially if you're healthy and are surrounded by family, friends & loved ones!
J & M, my good friends' grandpa, whom I had the pleasure of knowing several years ago, celebrated his 85th birthday this weekend. I was given the important task of baking his cake for this occasion. *Beams* His grandchildren & their partners bought the cake especially for him, customised with his favourite sport - Badminton.

It's a Dark Chocolate Fudge cake - Fluffy chocolate sponge, layered with generous amounts of 70% dark Belgium chocolate ganache. *Yum*

Happy Birthday Kong! May your years to come be filled with God's love & joy! And may you continue to bless others as you have blessed Cherns, I and I'm sure, many many individuals who have crossed paths with you!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

134. Mini Fish Tank

I planned a surprise party for my "baby" brother yesterday to cheer him up, since his birthday is on Tuesday. It was a success! My future sis-in-law, SH, his gf, A & his best friend, L, helped pull it off. We got his poly-pals and some other good friends to join us to surprise him and I'm glad to say he's cheered up and feeling loved! :0)

My sis-in-law helped me in the kitchen to prepare several dishes, including Salmon, Bacon & Mushroom Aglio Olio, Shephard's pie, Cumin French beans and Quail eggs wrapped in Chicken meat (which my hubster rolled into perfection!). Admist all the cooking, I shuffled between the 2 kitchens to complete the cake.

Andrew's into rearing fish and hence, I decided to make a mini "fish tank" for him!
It's a Dark Belguim chocolate fudge cake, soaked with lots of Sherry!
Happy Birthday Andrew boy! God bless you! *Hugsss* ~Sis

Everyone loved the turtle! Though I personally preferred the crab & sea shells.
P/s: I apologise for the poor picture quality as it was quite a rush to bring all the food to the party location. Didn't take time to take a better picture. *Sulk*

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

133. Coconut Cranberry Eggless cake

Put the Lime in the Coconut and drink it all up... *Grin*
Have you heard that song before? It's a real cheesy song...
Anyways, here's a late post of A's cake for Grandma.

"She loves coconut!", was all I needed to know and immediately decided on this Eggless Coconut cranberry cake for Grandma. It had been a hit at S's relative anniversary, so I wasn't worried about it being unpopular.

It's really like a moist butter cake, with coconut and a generous portion dried cranberries, iced with Lemon cream cheese, and dusted with some dessicated coconut. The special request was to decorate it pretty. So, I thought "flowers"! And here it is. I heard everyone went "Waah!". *Smile*

Thanks A! I'm already looking forward to making your Pinwheel cookie-pops and other goodies next week!