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Friday, November 30, 2007

138. Hola! Mexicano!

Pardon my Mexican, but I'm so excited about this post.
Rarely do guys order from me and when they do, it's mostly as a surprise for their girlfriends - or on occasions, a lady they'd like to impress. *Smile*

These pretty cupcakes were such a joy to make, though time consuming. They're a mixture of Vanilla and Chocolate minis, filled with 70% dark Belgium chocolate fudge, topped with pretty Mexican themed marzipan toppers!

I've got gourd-rattlers, Mexican dresses, sombreros, cactus and a coupla Mariachis to get a whole "feel" of all things Mexican!

Happy Birthday Deborah! A.S had such a sweet story behind his selection of theme. Enjoy the cupcakes!


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