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Sunday, November 11, 2007

134. Mini Fish Tank

I planned a surprise party for my "baby" brother yesterday to cheer him up, since his birthday is on Tuesday. It was a success! My future sis-in-law, SH, his gf, A & his best friend, L, helped pull it off. We got his poly-pals and some other good friends to join us to surprise him and I'm glad to say he's cheered up and feeling loved! :0)

My sis-in-law helped me in the kitchen to prepare several dishes, including Salmon, Bacon & Mushroom Aglio Olio, Shephard's pie, Cumin French beans and Quail eggs wrapped in Chicken meat (which my hubster rolled into perfection!). Admist all the cooking, I shuffled between the 2 kitchens to complete the cake.

Andrew's into rearing fish and hence, I decided to make a mini "fish tank" for him!
It's a Dark Belguim chocolate fudge cake, soaked with lots of Sherry!
Happy Birthday Andrew boy! God bless you! *Hugsss* ~Sis

Everyone loved the turtle! Though I personally preferred the crab & sea shells.
P/s: I apologise for the poor picture quality as it was quite a rush to bring all the food to the party location. Didn't take time to take a better picture. *Sulk*


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