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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

133. Coconut Cranberry Eggless cake

Put the Lime in the Coconut and drink it all up... *Grin*
Have you heard that song before? It's a real cheesy song...
Anyways, here's a late post of A's cake for Grandma.

"She loves coconut!", was all I needed to know and immediately decided on this Eggless Coconut cranberry cake for Grandma. It had been a hit at S's relative anniversary, so I wasn't worried about it being unpopular.

It's really like a moist butter cake, with coconut and a generous portion dried cranberries, iced with Lemon cream cheese, and dusted with some dessicated coconut. The special request was to decorate it pretty. So, I thought "flowers"! And here it is. I heard everyone went "Waah!". *Smile*

Thanks A! I'm already looking forward to making your Pinwheel cookie-pops and other goodies next week!


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