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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

125. Catering for Friends

Dear All,

I'm happy! *Big Grin* But a little tired from over-working, BUT! Happy nonetheless!
I've been busy cooking alot for friends - cooked for a total of 8 hours the past two days and I'm kind brain-dead now. Frankly, I feel like a piece of cardboard.
I was very excited when I got all the food prepared and ready for their lunches, but in my excitement, I forgot to take pictures!!! Argh!

Here are the only four pictures I managed to snap - Curried Deviled eggs, Wild Mushrooms with Mixed herbs, Chicken & Potato stir-fry & Chinese-style Fried rice.

By the way, I'd like to inform you guys that I will not be taking any orders for the 6th of Sept till the 10th of Sept only as I'll be baking a gift for MINDS' 2nd year anniversary celebration, and also, catering food & cake for my hubby's birthday. (I BOUGHT him a cake last year - which I've never stopped regretting, so the only way to redeem myself to is bake a yummilicious cake for him this year - and the next, and the next, and the next...! Haha!)

Anyways, do continue to email me with any of your queries and I will reply very soon!

Thanks & have a great rest of the week!
Chris The Baker


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