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Thursday, July 26, 2007

118. Underwater World

No Barbie dolls for this young lady - Mommy wants 2 year old Kristen to know the beauty of the underwater world!
Amongst the green coral, sea rocks and soil, I've included some schools of fish, a coupla Nemos, jellyfish, a lobster & even an oyster with a shiny silver dusted pearl! And all these over a Chocolate Fudge cake, layered with soft, fluffly yet moist homemade chocolate cake.
*Oops I just at a lobster all by myself! *Wink* Happy Birthday Lil' Lady!

She added some mini cupcakes along for the children (and adults) too!
P/S: Hey J, your kids are absolutely lovely! Best thing is, no one could ever have guessed you're a mother of two already!


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