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Friday, November 16, 2007

136. Aeroplane cupcakes

Aeroplane themed cupcakes for the high-flyer! Eat & fly!

C got these for her bf - absolute chocolate goodness! Chocolate cupcakes with Chocoalte fudge filling, topped with chocolate ganache, lemon cream cheese "clouds" and marzipan airplanes.

P/s: I textured the marzipan using my newly arrived rolling pins! Will show more works of them soon. Ask for them if you're interested in having your cupcakes decorated with textured marzipan - I've got 6 different designs for now.


Anonymous Cyn said...

Hi Chris,
Thank you for the fabulous gorgeous cupcakes that you have created. My bf was so surprised to see the cupcakes! Both of us love the cupcakes! The cupcakes are rich and the best thing is it is not sweet at all! Thank you! Look forward to my next order of cupcakes this wednesday!

Sun Nov 18, 07:50:00 AM  

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