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Thursday, July 05, 2012


Okie dokes! I realised that my updating of photos has been badly hit by lag and *blush* I'm so sorry about it! I have still been baking! But having to care for 2 young children who need my attention all.day.long and with no help with chores, I've not been able to find time to do anything which I could call "mine". 
So here's a window of breathing space I'm having - which I would much love to use sleeping - that I shall use to upload the photos of my works which I have had the pleasure of adding to so many beautiful people's celebrations!
Do enjoy them and continue to eat cake! 
Love, Chris your Baker

This Captain America cake is HUGE! The figurine is about 7" tall, but looks tiny relative to the cake size. It was back breaking to make, but a good challenge.

The Totoro toys were provided by my friend P.T. She had requested for flowers which I hand made to look like Japanese blossoms.

This corset cake was for a 45 year old Hella'va woman! I just "had" to make the boobs big. The bigger the better! 

Hand moulded flowers using gumpaste.

The below set up was placed on a black velvet cloth. Stars & planets were edible. The Earth and The Moon were also handmade. Buzz and spacecraft were toys provided by my friend R.

Especially for Princess Claire! Happy Birthday dear girl.

I made the below flower garden cake for my daughter's 3rd birthday! :) She's into princesses.


The Flyer!

Harry Potter!


Blogger Steelze said...

hi. i love your cakes. do you sell them? i am looking for an Elmo cake for my son's birthday. thanks!

my email is dannyneo@gmail.com.

Sun Oct 14, 08:05:00 AM  

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