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Friday, December 14, 2007

142. Anniversary Chef-On-Call

Christmas time. Such Joy! But...It's been an amazingly busy week for me, and one more left before I can call it a year. I'm beat, but thoroughly contented with the year's accomplishments.
I'm going to face the week ahead with a strong mind and I pray for strength from Heaven.

Here's pictures of a Chef-On-Call I did for my (ex)Pastor & wife's anniversary. They texted me that the food was "most delicious" and even had pictures posted on Facebook! Another job well done. Thanks be to God!

Cesar Salad with Crispy Bacon, Olive oil Croutons & Grilled Roma Tomatoes

Honey Apples Foie Gras

Corden Blue Pork Chops with Gingered sauteed New Potatoes

Sun-Dried-Tomatoes Pesto Linguine with Parsley Butter Prawns

Pan-fried French Duck Margaret with Toufu in Cranberry Red wine reduction

Raspberry soaked Apple & Oat Crumble

There were 3 other desserts (Dark Chocolate Mousse cup, Lemon Poppyseed cupcake with Lemon cream cheese icing and Brandied Cherries Panna Cotta) catered for them as wife, S is quite a fan. *Wink*

After sending dinner to them, I headed back for an Indian food dinner! :0)


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