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Sunday, December 30, 2007


Dear Friends,

It's been a great year, and I'm looking forward to a much blessed 2008 year ahead! I pray for such for you & yours too!

In my busyness over the Christmas season, I apologise if I had not responded as promptly as I wish I could. I had also infact taken a coupla days off baking, just to dedicate time to whip up holiday meals for special friends & family.
I had been too bummed after whipping up an 11-course meal for my own family and invited guests on Christmas eve itself that I had, in my absent-mindedness, forgotten to take pictures of the dishes. *Oh well* It was really worthwhile though, as my dad commented that this year's meal was the best he has had! *Beams*

Anyways, here's some pictures of dinner my hubster & I whipped up @ at bestee's place for good friends just after boxing day. *Smile* It was a fantastic time of catching up and fellowship.

~Menu for 8pax (plus 2 beautiful children)~
Foie Gras with Red Wine Fig Compote on Raisin toast

Grilled Tomatoes
French beans with grated eggs tossed in Kalamata Olive dressing

Parsley &
Garlic Pork Roast with Spiced Apples
Brandied Cherries Dark Chocolate Fudge Logcake

To one and all, here's wishing you a MERRY CHRISTMAS & A BLESSED 2008 YEAR! May the good Lord bless & keep you. *Hugs*

Lots of Love,
Ur baker Chris


On a separate dinner date with the same friends, I made the above Black&White Sesame Lace Cookies with Creamed Mascarpone cheese, with dried Apricot & Cranberry bits. *Yummy*


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