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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Dear friends,

In response to the many who have asked me to teach them to bake, I've come up with an idea to offer my cookies "ready-mix". All the dry ingredients you need for the perfect cookies.

The only thing you'll have to provide yourselves is the butter and/or the egg. Method wise, it's pretty much "all-in", i.e. everything in the mixer, just press the "ON" button! All the baking instructions will be provided for you to follow step by step to bake simply divine and delish cookies. You don't even need a convection oven to be a baker - even that red little open door toaster can do the trick!

So, what do you say?
It's the perfect fool-proof way to turn anyone into great bakers! And oh! The kids will have a ball of a time, don't you think?

Email me @ chrispantry@gmail.com with your queries.

PS: And don't worry - as usual, everything in that packet is freshly put together, with NO preservatives whatsoever to prolong the lifespan of the mix. So it's a "get it for this weekend" kind of project! :0)


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