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Friday, January 19, 2007

87. Chef-On-Call

Dinner for Two


I had such joy cooking this menu spread for Charmaine and her partner's anniversary. I got to meet this thoughtful lady yesterday evening and I'll have you know that she's one gal eager to show her friend's and family that she loves and appreciates them. Very sweet, isn't it?
Here's the menu:-


Fresh Tomatoes and Buffalo Mozzarella cheese with Black olives & Dill

Stuffed mini Portabello mushrooms with cheese and Italian Parma Ham


Crispy skin Salmon (cooked medium rare) with creamed cheese Spinach and Lemon mustard cream sauce

Lamb backstrap cooked medium rare, served on Garlic mashed potatoes with Mint Salsa


Panna Cotta with sweet Balsamic Vinegar Mixed Berries

Macadamia Cookies & Cream Torte
(Brownie with White Chocolate Macadamia mousse)

And for a very good gal pal, mini cupcakes - Chocolate Banana & Vanilla Strawberries, with decorations and wordings especially designed for her! Happy Birthday Alicia!


Blogger Joan said...

oh my god! you have lots of amazing and tempting cupcakes. Keep it up. i have a favor to ask you...
can u teach me how to do that design on top of your blog because i want to change mine and I don't know how to do it. I want to personalized my design. Thanks!

Thu Jun 07, 02:42:00 AM  

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