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Sunday, December 31, 2006

79. Cookies & Cream - Macadamia nut version

This is a special order from a birthday boy himself. Cookies & Cream cake with Macadamia nuts. I like.....! Macadamia nuts I mean. But yeah, PT trusted me with trying out something new for him. He even challenged me to write mandarin characters onto the cake. Those who know me, know how poor my mandarin is...*Gah*

Anyways, this cake is made with a chewy Fudge Brownie base and fluffy White chocolate mousse top, filled with chunks of macadamia nuts, coated with a thin layer of fresh cream and covered with MORE chunky macadamia nuts! OH! The White chocolate mousse has got bits of brownie "cookie" in it too!

Happy Birthday PT! Isn't it wonderful to start every new year a year older? :0P


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