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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

75. End of the year

Dear friends,

As the year end approaches, here're a few words to share.

This year has been fantabulous! Many new found friends and cheerful, friendly and supportive people!

However, it has come to my attention that there are some who do not wish me to continue sharing my food with you. I'm gravely disappointed at such UN-graciousness, as this cooking and baking is the joy of my life and when you take that emotion out of the equation, activities become "work" and end up being tedious. Results of such "work" also differ greatly from what comes out from a heart that is happy & with love.

And I'm sure you guys know how my equation works, ya!?
Love + Joy + Passion = FOOOOOD! *GrinZ*

Anyways, I imagine this person isn't my friend and has a spirit of despise. It's sad, especially since it's Christmas and this season really is about love & joy.

Nonetheless, I know my friends will give me full encouragement and support as they have the entire year and I so look forward to continue sharing this gift with you! To a great year ahead!


Love you all!
Chris e Baker
~It's a pleasure~


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