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Friday, November 17, 2006

Organic Vegan Chocolate Cake

72. Organic Vegan Chocolate Cake

A friend of my fiance's family, Mr Victor is vegan and eats organic foods, so when he put me up for a challenge to make his lovely and most capable wife, a birthday cake, I jumped at the opportunity! Well, not before doing some research myself, that is. Victor says she makes the most wonderful Toufu cheesecake, so I wasn't about to put myself up against the best, so I opted to make an Organic Vegan Chocolate cake instead.

I prayed very hard too and Viola! My Organic Vegan Chocolate cake!

It is made of Billington's organic brown sugar, Waitrose's organic soymilk, dutch cocoa and some toufu! I topped it off with a ganache I made out of soymilk and cocoa and I must say that I am thankful for this order as it has allowed me to learn so much about baking for people of different lifestyles! Also, I must say that I am impressed with how vegans can make a cake without eggs...*Wow*

So far, I've made diabetic-friendly cakes and now, here's one more to my list - Vegan and/or Organic cakes!


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