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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Chocolate Lava (Molten) Cake


Oh My GOSH!!!

This is SUPERB!

I can't say enough to explain how good this is!
Chocolate cake with warm fudge ooooozing out of its centre! What could be more heavenly??

However, I'm afraid this can only be eaten at the cafe - Space Out Cafe @ Katong Shopping centre #01-41. The staff will bake it on the spot for you - it takes about 10mins, but definately worth the wait!

Made with 70% cocoa dark chocolate, this Lava cake is the quinessential for all chocoholics!

Do make time to drop by Space Out cafe for my cakes and especially this Warm Chocolate Lava/Motlen Cake!

Ooo....I had my share....Oooooo....I'm happy...Ooooo.....lalalala... *GrinZ*

P/s: Dear reader, I can't seem to post a reply to your tag on my tagboard, but thanks for your comment! Do feel free to email me at Chrispantry@gmail.com. You can just send me a hello or any enquiries that you have and I will reply to you with my contact details and answers. Yes, you can purchase my cakes/pastries, but you'd have to be living in The Little Red Dot a.k.a Singapore. Otherwise, I'm afraid you'll have to delight in the pictures I've posted on this blog for my friends and all food lovers (especially dessert-ties)... :0) I look forward to your mail! - Chris


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