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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Milo Cake


Are you a milo lover? Can't resist a milo dinosaur?
Or have friends and family members who absolutely enjoys the beverage, loaded with extra milo powder on top??

This cake is for you (them)!!!
I have had requests from many people to make a milo cake thing - so here it is, finally!
Milo Rex, if you may - a "rank" higher than the regular milo Dinosaur you get at the coffeeshops.

It's made with alternating layers of milo soaked fluffy chocolate sponge and whipped mascarpone cheese custard (ala tiramisu) and topped with loads and loads of milo powder! Do not fear the amount of milo in/on this cake - the overall flavour is pleasantly milo-ish and definately not as sweet as the beverage as there is no added sweetened condensed milk.

This cake packs a punch! And for all those who need "energy food", wait no more! Milo Rex for everyone!!!

P/s: For the record, I had 2 slices of cake myself! Haha...!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heyo! i've got to know of your blogsite thru a friend's friend's friend's friend's.. okay anyway.. i just want to say your cakees are really tempting.. especially the MILO CAKE and MOON CUPCAKE.. say if i would like to order the cakes.. how do i contact you?..

Wed Dec 06, 06:54:00 AM  

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