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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Nasi Ayam Soto

Nasi Ayam Soto
Tonight's dinner was Nasi Ayam Soto, which is Chicken Savoury Soup with rice. I followed a recipe obtained from a friend, passed down from generations! Scrumptous stuff, I tell ya! It does take some effort though - not so much in making the soup, but preparing the ingredients that go along with the dish.
First, I had to pound the onions, ginger, yellow ginger (tumeric), garlic, pepper & corriander together to form a paste. Then, I fried it with some oil, lemon grass, lime leaves, bay leaves & gula melaka (dark brown sugar). The chicken meat (and bones) went into the pot to be fried for a little and then, several bowls of water was added into the pot for boiling. After 30minsute or so, I took the chicken out to debone (throwing the bones back into the soup) and shredded the meat to put aside. I then prepared blanched bean sprouts, hard boiled egg, local celery, fried crispy onion, fried potato chips & pounded chilli padi for the final dish, served with rice and some vermicelli noodles.
Can you identify all the items from the picture? *Yummy*


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