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Monday, November 15, 2010

223. Nat's 2nd Birthday celebration cakes!

I celebrated Natalie's 2nd Birthday almost a month in advance due to the fact that I am due to deliver #2 only a coupla days away from her actual day. We had 2 celebrations - one at home with friends & family and another at school with her classmates (and cake for everyone else in school!).

Doreamon and Hello Kitty seems to be her 2 current favourite characters now, so I made them for the celebrations. She really loved the Kitty one - and interestingly, so did many adults I know! Haa...

Here are the pictures: The Doreamon one was a Spiced Apple cake while the Hello Kitty one was a Strawberry Shortcake. Oh! I also made mini chocolate cuppies in the form of Cookie Monster too! I used cream cheese as the "fur", fondant/chocolate chips for the eyes and mini Oreos for cookies.


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