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Sunday, June 29, 2008

160. Cars & Train cake

Yes, I know...it's been a looong while since I updated my blog. I truly apologise for being MIA. The reason was that I had a miserable first trimester of morning sickness, feeling like a fallen superwoman. :0( I was unable to do much at all, apart from sleeping, eating and gagging and wasn't baking for a full month! But the happy news is that my Hubs and I are expecting our first child at year end. *Yay*

I'm into my second trimester now and thank God for feeling better already. I have to thank Mel & Maine though for getting me back into the motion of my love for baking, or otherwise, I wouldn't have begun again till several weeks later. Maine bugged me on MSN (almost daily) to feed her cravings (as if she was the pregnant one! Haha!) and Mel gave me the following Novelty cake order for her 1-year old son. I couldn't turn them down! So here's thanking you ladies - XIE XIE NING! :0)

Here's Mel's son's Dark Chocolate Fudge cake in the theme of cars & trains. I'm so glad you guys enjoyed the cake, as much as I had fun making it!


Anonymous teresa said...

Chris, are you still taking orders now...?wanna find out more abt cupakes?

congrats on yr pregnancy and hope u hv a safe delivery...

Fri Jul 11, 12:00:00 AM  

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