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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Thorny issue?

I was down with a viral fever since last Thursday and was so close to being unable to fulfill acoupla orders. After 4 days, I was so sick of being sick that I called my mom and she immediately instructed the Hubs to bring me back to her! Thank God for my mommy, who's super-gifted in the field of chinese medicine, she nursed me back to health in less than 10 hours!

I woke up feeling all better and happily completed this cake for T, who meant it as a surprise for a special lady. I'm so glad I can have it delivered to him too, saving him the trouble of finding his was down to MRT-less Katong! Sorry for being late - I realised I had to go through the "back" road to reach to the peak of Mt. Faber and not by Morse road.

I'm not entirely sure what a Cactus in bloom signifies, but I must say that it is quite cute. This one's a Dark chocolate fudge cactus, placed onto a "terracotta" pot. Hope your surprise was a success!


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