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Friday, May 02, 2008

159. LV handbag

For her mom's birthday, my gal pal C had her mother's favourite handbag made into the form of a cake. Her mom is an excellent baker and an exceptional cake decorator, so I was a lil' worried I would embarrass myself taking her request.

The requirements were simple:-
1. Black Forest cake
2. No marzipan icing

The first thought was to use fresh cream, but as the bag was black in colour, I decided to use Dark chocolate instead of coloured cream. I also used chocolate for the logos - coloured white chocolate - which turned out quite pretty.

I would have preferred a finer texture, but that wouldn't have been able to be achieved quite as easily without using marzipan. Nonetheless, I was happy with the overall finished product and I'm glad to say C & her family members were too. *Smile*

Happy Birthday Auntie Cecilia!


Anonymous christine said...

Hi there, came to visit after a "shameless" plug on ieatishootipost's forum. Your goodies look too delicious to eat! I eill remember you the next time I'm in need of a cake!

Sun May 11, 03:49:00 AM  

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