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Friday, March 10, 2006

Gon Lou Mee

Gon Lou Mee
In direct english translation, that means "Dry tossed noodles". It's really simple to make. The only thing that's important is the right texture of the cooked egg noodles. It's boiled till it's sort of "Al dente". Then a drizzle of thick dark soya sauce, a little light soya sauce, crispy onions/garlic & a drizzle of its oil, spring onions and whatever other ingredients you might want to add in there. I put diced chicken breast, chilli fishballs , blanched vegeatbles and half a hard boiled egg in mine. And oh! I need fresh red cut chilli with my noodles too!

You can't really see the noodles in the first picture, so I tossed (or "lou-ed") it to get this! For something so simple to make, it's really yummy!


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